1. Login details

Before accessing the ballot, you must have active internet session. Please log into the ITS Internet Management Service on https://login.uq.edu.au/ to begin a new session (if you have not already done so).

To access the electronic ballot paper click on the ballot paper button provided in the instructions. It looks similar to the one below:

For staff election categories, eligible voters must use their staff login details to access the relevant ballot:

For all student election categories, eligible voters must use their student login details:

Once login details are entered, click LOGIN to enter the BigPulse election system.

If you experience difficulty signing in, first check that your login details and password are entered correctly, and try again. Standard ITS processes apply for lost/forgotten passwords.

2. Poll menu

The poll menu will show the election you are eligible to vote for:

Click on the highlighted link to access the electronic ballot.

If you are certain of your eligibility to vote in an election category, and it is not displayed on the poll menu, please contact the Elections Officer by email uqelections@uq.edu.au or by phone (07) 3365 3360.

3. Ballot paper

Please follow the instructions on the ballot paper to assign preferences:

When ready, click the Proceed to vote confirm page:

4. Review preferences

Review your preferences prior to submission:

To make changes, click the Back to make a correction. To confirm, click the Confirm button to submit your preferences.

5. Confirmation of ballot submission

If your vote is successful you will receive the following message: