The Student Services and Amenities Fee Sub-Committee (SSAFSC) is responsible for assisting the Student Experience Committee meet its requirement to " review and make recommendations on the expenditure of SSAF revenue including setting priorities and monitoring outcomes". In its previous iteration, SSAFSC was known as the SSAF Advisory Committee.

2021 meeting dates

Meeting Location Date and time
SSAFSC 2021/01 Learning Innovation Building, Room 226 Tuesday, 2 February 2021, 09:00
SSAFSC 2021/02 Learning Innovation Building, Room 226 Tuesday, 6 April 2021, 09:00
SSAFSC 2021/03 Learning Innovation Building, Room 226 Tuesday, 19 October 2021, 09:00

Terms of Reference

The role of the Sub-Committee is to:

  1. Ensure the work it undertakes and the recommendations it provides are underpinned by –
    • the University's strategic objectives and in particular the priorities established by the Student Strategy and the SEC in relation to the student experience
    • the legislative requirements regarding the use of the SSAF
    • the indicators and measures established by the SEC Metrics Working Party
    • input from students and student associations and organisations regarding the use of SSAF funds (ensuring the UQU coordinates contributions from a wide range of students and student associations and organisations)
  2. Assess the approved allocations of SSAF Funding to ensure they meet the guidelines outlined in section 1.
  3. Establish a framework for SMART Plans to be presented by recipients receiving funding allocations, including established outcomes and measures to be reported. Suitable performance measures may be determined in conjunction with the Metrics Working Party.
  4. Consider SMART Plans provided to support the expenditure of allocations, ensuring they meet guidelines established and make recommendations to the SEC regarding the approval of these plans.
  5. Consider the annual budgets provided to support the expenditure of allocations, ensuring they comply with SMART Plans and make recommendations to the SEC regarding the approval of budgets.
  6. Review expenditure and performance reports prepared by fund recipients and ensure they conform with SMART Plans and legislative and financial requirements and prepare a report for consideration by the SEC. This report should include the impact SSAF funding has had on relevant student experience indicators.
  7. Identify gaps where discretionary funding may be directed and advise the DVCA on any gaps.


  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning) (Chair)
  • Manager, Student Centre
  • Director, Student Success & Strategies (Chair, Metrics Working Party)
  • 3 student members nominated by the UQ Advantage Office following a consultative process with relevant stakeholders such as UQ Sport, Faculty Leadership Programs, Students as Partners and Residential Colleges. Ideally these students will individually represent interests in either academia, sports or the Arts/culture. This role is not a formal representation role and will be advertised via normal volunteer processes. Students must be able to demonstrate student involvement on campus, how the experience will enhance employability skills and be able to commit to the requirement of one year committee membership.
  • Head of School actively engaged in promoting student experience initiatives, nominated by the PVC (T&L) in consultation with the AD(A)s.
  • A member of the Finance & Business Services Division nominated by the Chief Financial Officer.
Administrative Arrangements

The Committee will meet at least two times a year. One meeting will enable the timely consideration of SMART Plans and budget submissions and the second will consider the review of financial reports. It is expected that other meetings will be required in the establishment phase of the Committee. Additional meetings may be scheduled if needed.

For further information, including agendas and minutes, please contact the Secretariat