The e-Learning Operational Forum (eLOF) facilitates coordination of the various University eLearning services and service providers. At the forum information is shared on system and service changes, maintenance and additions. The forum provides an important communication channel to hear about eLearning initiatives and projects and to improve collaboration on a variety eLearning related operational and strategic projects and working parties. Members provide expert feedback.

General information

  • Committee name: eLearning Operational Forum
  • Reporting to: Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Committee (TLSEC)
  • Contact: Simon Collyer
  • Version (effective date): 16 April 2024
  • Dates previously amended: 27 May 2011, 14 March 2012, 24 April 2013, 25 June 2014
  • Sib-committees: nil
  • Quorum: 5

Terms of Reference

The role of the eLearning Operational Forum is to:

  • Address operational activities required to achieve eLearning aims and strategies as identified by the Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Committee (TLSEC) and the Faculties. These operational activities will be based on a yearly operational plan to be submitted to the Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Committee.
  • Provide advice on operational requirements and impacts of such activities including the provision of feedback on eLearning tools and, as required, participating in their implementation.
  • Provide a communication point to coordinate the operational activities across the eLearning team at UQ.
  • Review common issues identified by Forum members.
  • Evaluate operational activities and integrate findings for continuous improvement,
  • Provide regular reports to the Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Committee.


  • ITS Teaching and Learning Support Manager (Chair)
  • Representatives from ITS Projects and Training, Helpdesk, Technical, and Lecture Recording
  • One representative from each Faculty, appointed by the Associate Dean (Academic)
  • ITaLI educational designer nominated by the PVC (Teaching and Learning)
  • ITaLI eLearning academic nominated by the PVC (Teaching and Learning)
  • Representative nominated by the Director, Library Resources and Technology Service

Administrative Arrangements

Monthly meetings are coordinated by the nominated Chair.