The President and Deputy President are elected from the members of the Board. The role of the President is a full-time appointment, while the Deputy President role is a half-time appointment.

The President acts as the executive officer of the Board, and chairs the Academic Board and most Board Committees. The President remains informed of the workings of the academic staff and other related sections of the University.  Section 7 of PPL 1.30.03 Academic Board are in relation to the President and the Deputy President. 

The Deputy President assists the President and carries out functions on behalf of the President, as determined by the Board or President.  Should the President be unable to act, the Deputy President may discharge all functions of the President.

 Peter AdamsPresident

Professor Peter Adams

BSc(Hons), BComm, PhD

Peter is a Professor of Mathematics, with research expertise in computational combinatorial design theory. He was Deputy President of the Academic Board (2015-2017),  Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Science (2009 – 2017), and was Deputy Head of the School of Physical Sciences prior to that. Peter is an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow, was awarded the Kirkman Medal from the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, and has been awarded both a UQ Teaching Excellence award and a UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award.

 Peter Adams Deputy President

Professor Karen Benson

BCom(Hons), MCom, PhD

Karen is a Professor of Finance, at the UQ Business School, The University of Queensland. Karen's research focuses on Funds Management with particular reference to factors that drive performance and fund flows. Other topics of interest include socially responsible investment funds, social impact bonds and the use of derivatives by corporations and fund managers. Karen is the Deputy Editor of Australian Journal of Management and President of the Asian Finance Association.