The Coursework Admission Standards Sub-Committee (CASSC) investigates, advises and makes recommendations on matters associated with the admission standards of the University, and special admission schemes and programs, for all coursework applicants.

The Coursework Admission Standards Sub-Committee replaced the Special Admission Programs Sub-Committee, which was formally disestablished on 17 August 2017.

2023 meeting dates

MeetingDate and Time
CASSC 2024/01Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 2.00pm
CASSC 2024/02Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 10.00am
CASSC 2024/03Tuesday, 6 August 2024, 10.00am
CASSC 2024/04Monday, 4 November 2024, 2.00pm

* As at 1 February 2024

General information

  • Committee Name: Coursework Admission Standards Sub-Committee
  • Reporting to: Committee for Academic Programs Policy
  • Contact: Senior Manager, Admissions (Domestic)
  • Version (Effective Date): Version 6 (17 July 2023)
  • Sub-Committees: Nil
  • Quorum: 7 members, including at least one from each of the following groups:
    • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    • President or Deputy President, Academic Board
    • Associate Dean (Academic)
    • Senior Administrator
  • Notes: abbreviated as CASSC

Terms of Reference

The role of the Coursework Admission Standards Sub-Committee is to advise and make recommendations to the Committee for Academic Programs Policy (CAPP) on:

  • Principles relating to admission standards at The University of Queensland
  • The default University standards of admission applicable to all University coursework programs and their application across cohorts, pathways and qualifications
  • Variations to the default University standards of admission for any coursework program
  • The approval, modification, and discontinuation of special admission schemes/programs
  • The monitoring of exceptions made to University standards of admission and incidents relating to the admission of applicants
  • The monitoring of outcomes from University admission standards and approved special admission schemes/programs including:
    • the number of offers made
    • the ATAR/ranks of applicants admitted and the respective program cut-offs
    • the academic performance of the students following admission including GPAs
    • attrition rates
    • completion outcomes.
  • Monitoring and review of English Language Proficiency requirements and their implementation, including variations to the default minimum standard of English Language Proficiency for any coursework program.


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) or nominee
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) or nominee
  • President, Academic Board OR Deputy President, Academic Board
  • Academic Registrar
  • Director, Planning and Business Intelligence
  • Associate Director, Academic Services Division
  • Two Associate Deans (Academic) nominated by the Chair
  • One postgraduate student nominated by the UQ Union Association of Postgraduate Students (UQU APS)
  • One undergraduate student nominated by the UQ Union
  • One representative nominated by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)

Administrative arrangements

  • Secretary: Senior Manager, Admissions (Domestic)


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (Chair)Professor Kris Ryan
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) or nomineeMr Jogvan Klein
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) or nomineeProfessor Tracey Bunda
President, Academic Board OR Deputy President, Academic BoardProfessor Lydia Kavanagh 
Academic RegistrarDr Kathryn Blyth
Director, Planning and Business IntelligenceDr Clare Hourigan
Associate Director, Academic Services DivisionDr Mark Ewen


Two Associate Deans (Academic) nominated by the ChairProfessor Blake McKimmie2024

Associate Professor Karyn Johnson

Postgraduate student nominated by the UQU Association of Postgraduate StudentsNaveen Pallapothu2024
Undergraduate student nominated by the UQ UnionMuskan Dhamija2024
Representative nominated by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)Dr Rachel Fitzgerald2024


Mr Benjamin GriffinSenior Manager, Admissions (Domestic)



*As of 2 February 2024

Agendas and minutes are available to CASSC members and UQ staff on CASSC SharePoint site.
For further information, including agendas and minutes, please contact the Secretariat
  • Secretary: Mr Benjamin Griffin
  • Assistant Secretary: